Hit Singularity is a blog dedicated to exploring the intersection of music, technology, and business.  We strive to be pragmatic, practical, and forward thinking.

Hit Singularity is the work of  me, Tom Williams.  I am a graduate of Marist College and I live in New York.  I’ve spent much of the past decade listening to music , I read constantly about social media, and I’ve worked recently in marketing and public relations.  I do internet marketing for bands and events under the name of Hit Singularity.  I am also the Director of New Media for Absolute Pitch PR.

This purpose of this blog is to network with like minded individuals, to start a dialogue with people who may agree or disagree with me, and to be public forum for my opinions, theories, and ideas regarding music, technology, and business.

The name “Hit Singularity” is meant to be a pun, combining the phrase “hit single” (as in,
“did you hear about Radiohead’s new hit single?”) with “singularity”, the theoretical point of immense technological progress (as in “at our current rate of progress, it will be some time before our society hits singularity”).


3 responses to “What/Who/Why

  1. Hey Tom – just discovered your blog and I’m way impressed. Nice work! I’m sure I’ll be reblogging you often. Are you on Twitter, btw?

  2. Nice work and nice to electronically meet you. Solid stuff on here. I’m contacting you now about recycling some of your content. Peace.

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