What Is The Value Of Music?

Next week I will be discussing the value of music.  Over the past 40 years, the sale of music has been relatively constant.  Music was sold by the album and the price of an album has been more or less constant.  But now, with the internet, everything has changed.  Music is no longer predominantly sold by the album and in many cases, music is not sold at all.  I think it is very important for the entire industry to ask itself what the value of music is in 2009.  Does music even have any value any more?  I posed the following question to several very smart, very well informed people in various areas of the music and technology world.  Next week I will be posting their answers Monday through Thursday and on Friday I will weigh in with my thoughts.  

The question I asked was: 

 “What is music worth today?  Is it worth the $17.99/album that a CD retails for?  Is it worth the $9.99/album that you can buy an album for on itunes?  Is music free (or devoid of worth), now that it can so easily by disseminated online?  Does it have some other value or gain value from some other place?”

If you would like to contribute to this debate, feel free to sent me your thoughts on the subject at tom@hitsingularity.com.


One response to “What Is The Value Of Music?

  1. The numbers speak for themselves: every minute over a hundred thousand songs are downloaded illegally on p2p sites. Why would people pay for something they know they can get for free, specially now that money is going to be more scarce than ever? The point of making an album now is just for recognition; to create and spread a brand that people will recognize and go to a concert or buy a shirt.

    People value music as more or even more than before because we are surrounded by media, but the idea of paying for it has gone out the tubes; and movies and Television shows are next.

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