Social Media Strategy Framework For Bands, Refined

Here is an updated version of the chart I posted yesterday.  This one is slightly more detailed and a bit more accurate.  Thanks to all who contributed suggestions. 



If you liked this post then help spread the word and Digg it.  If you disagree with it or think it is incomplete, please let me know.  This is a work in progress and I’d love to get feedback on it.


20 responses to “Social Media Strategy Framework For Bands, Refined

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  2. Tom,

    I think this is a STRONG graphic that could help a lot of bands understand the important concepts of social media. I am in the process of developing a “new music rules” document that is similar in direction.

    I’m glad to see the website at the center of chart. I’ve met too many bands who believe that a MySpace page is all they need to inform their fans, friends and follows what’s going on.

    Very nice work.


    PS: Added you to my blogroll – looking forward to more great stuff.

  3. Excellent post Tom !

    I agree with every word of it. Will spread the word… 😉

  4. This is a great work in progress that’s laid out nicely and easy to understand.

    Wouldn’t iTunes and Amazon (MP3 downloads) be an important part of the “sell” category?

    I’ve never purchased music from myspace but have purchased quite a few tracks that I’ve initially heard on music blogs via links to iTunes and Amazon.

    For example if you look at hype machine
    You see that all purchase links are to iTunes, Amazon and emusic. I don’t see any to myspace though.

    Also, do you mind if I post this graphic on my blog and point my visitors to your post?
    my blog:

  5. Hey, great post! Would it be possible to get an 8 1/2 x 11 version of the graphic? I’d love to be able to print it out and tack it up.

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  7. What about the prominence of widgets as promotional tools? They too add value for reach, sampling and pass-along.

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  9. tom.. thanks man, this is awesome. it mirrors some of the stuff I’ve outlined for digital marketing/ad campaign strategy in past.. but specific to social media.

    I love this given a lot of people I’ve worked with lately are hyper-focus on one or two of these pieces and don’t get that you have to do a little of all to really make it work… make it fluid. gracias.

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  11. Aha, this is even better than the first one. Lots of things to explore. Cheers.

  12. Very useful for grassroots political activism as well. Thanks!

  13. Very cool, not sure why social bookmarking is over in the corner… ideally you’d have an engaging website with integrated content that users would bookmark on digg or delicious. Reminds me of something I did a little while ago for a different purpose –

  14. I think the graph is fine but it seems like it focuses too much on the “tool set” of social media. It be nice to include some strategic planning and analysis process in it.

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